KOT RADHA KISHAN - PTI Kissan Wing Kasur President and candidate for the slot of PP-176 Ch Shehbaz Ali Virk has said that by holding Waziristan peace march, the party had set new trends in national politics and the international media and lobbies are focusing on drone and terrorism issues.

He expressed these views while talking to the media here on Wednesday. He said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan had taken bold and timely step to highlight the important aspect which was not digested by other political parties.He said that PTI opponents had started baseless propaganda. He said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf peace rally was the first of its kind in South Waziristan. He blamed that the government, instead of helping the participants of the peace march, had tried to scare the participants off with rumours of suicide attacks.  He also criticised the government for showing hypocrisy regarding the drone attacks and urged the rulers to speak truth to the people.  He said that the people would reject both the PPP and PML-N in the upcoming general elections because they did nothing for the masses.