The Nation’s editorial about Balochistan exodus is a timely warning, as the evolving tragedy has the potential to unravel the country itself. It is not only the Shiahs, Hindus and Zikris, who are facing persecution but also the ethnic Punjabis. One knows of hundreds of Shiah, Hindu and Punjabi families who settled in various parts of the province and all contributed to the general progress of Balochistan. I studied in Loralai High School in 1963, where almost all the teachers were from Punjab.

I recollect my Math teacher (late), who was so dedicated that he would visit ill students at their homes and provide tuition, free of cost. I owe so much to him and so do hundreds of students. But his very talented son could not find a job in that vast province just because of the growing prejudice and persecution, originally let loose by Baloch leaders of that time. What is happening there cannot be condoned, but our national leadership seems to have no time for the existential crisis brewing in Balochistan.


Rawalpindi, October 14.