LAHORE - After the October 18 (today) public rally in Karachi, Chairman Bilawal Bhutto would emerge as the symbol of resistance against the retrogressive forces in the country, said Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo in a statement issued from here before his departure to Karachi to participate in the public rally there.

He said that PPP was a progressive and liberal political force. Wattoo said that party Chairman would soon interact with the liberal segments of the society with a view to creating a social resistance against the anti-people and anti-democratic forces. The politics of sin-ins is yet another phenomenon of the same tendency, he argued.

He pointed out that Bilawal, right from the beginning, had been consistently adopting a tough approach against the terrorists.

The Zarb-e-Azab operation, he said, was the vindication of his stance of fighting them (terrorists) out on their turf because they did not understand any other language.

He stated that PPP largely represented the  poor segments of the society like Haris, farmers, labour, minorities, students, youth and other less privileged classes whereas the PML-N and PTI represented the upper middle class and beyond.

He said that PPP under the leadership of the party Chairman would make determined efforts in improving the quality of lives of down-trodden in order to complete the mission of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto who did a lot for their empowerment. “They sacrificed their lives but refused to surrender the cause of the people of Pakistan”, he observed.

Wattoo further stated that thousands of workers and office-bearers from Punjab would throng to Karachi as their caravans had already left for the metropolis in special trains, coaches and private cars to take part in the rally.

He expressed the unwavering resolve of the PPP not to compromise on democracy, Constitution and rule of law.

“These are the precious legacies of the founding father of the party and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, and as such, worth emulating without the slightest hesitation,” he said.