LAHORE - Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique claimed Friday that by-elections of Multan exposed PTI hypocrisy which supported the status quo symbol Aamir Dogar.  In a statement issued here, the PML-N leader held that Javaid Hashmi was defeated but his politics based on principles and democracy had won. About Hahmi’s election loss, he said it was a victorious defeat. 

   He said an announcement of resignation from the National and Punjab assemblies on one side and participation in by-polls by the PTI under the same election commission on the other hand was two-facedness.

“It was the same ECP which had conducted the elections in 2013 and the PTI is demanding its dissolution.”

He said the PTI participated in the by-polls and its gathering on October 10 was part of the election campaign, adding that it was a seat of the PTI which was vacated by Javaid Hashmi and the PTI backed candidate gained 52,000 votes in by-polls whereas it had got 83,000 votes in the general elections.

The results of by-election showed that PTI votes had been squeezed, he said, urging Imran Khan and PTI MNAs to come to parliament by announcing the reversal of resignations and play their political and parliamentary role.