LAHORE (PR): All political parties should take strong measures to abolish the abuse of rising inflation and aggravating unemployment and plundering of national wealth by elite. The Government must amend the outdated labour laws and bring into conformity with I.L.O. Conventions No. 98 & 151 ratified by the Government of Pakistan. The Government should also improve working condition of the workers.

These demands were raised in a resolution of All Pakistan Workers Confederation held at Bakhtiar Labour Hall which was attended by hundreds of trade union representatives. It was addressed by Veteran Trade Union representatives and General Secretary Khurshid Ahmed & Rubeena Jameel President of the Confederation along with Abdul Latif Nizamani (Sindh), Haji M Ramzan Achakzai (Baluchistan) and Gohar Taj (KPK), Haji Abdul Jabbar (Faisalabad), Jalil Shah (Karachi), M Akram Bunda (Islamabad), Sajjad Hussain Gardezi (Rawalpindi), Ghulam Dastigir Metla (Multan), Qari Taj, Nasir-ud-Din Hamyun (Gujranwala),Osama Tariq, Khushi Khokhar and Niaz Khan.