LAHORE - The Carpet Exhibition 2014, organised in Lahore from October 14-17 by Pakistan Carpets Manufacturers & Exporters Association (PCMEA), succeeded in attracting thousands of visitors not only from the country but also from all over the world.

The foreign buyers belonged to China, Turkey, Mexico, Germany, England, France, the US, Italy South Africa, Russia, Zech Republic, all EU countries, Egypt, UAE, Canada and Latin American countries.

For everyone, the exhibition offered an open opportunity to see achievements of carpet industry and its huge investments and share of opening new job avenues, said PCMEA senior vice chairman Qamar Zia, who was among a few real architects of the exhibition. He said that the exhibition was also a morale booster for the new investors.

Apart from the contribution of local industry, the exhibition definitely offered many new varieties of hand-knotted carpets to the visitors, as they were seen searching for fresh designs. The mega show attracted both foreign buyers and visitors, as the sizable presence of foreigners amazed everyone keeping in view of law and order situation in the country.

“We are free to go everywhere in city, feeling very secure to visit the monuments and historical places of Lahore, observed Eugene and Mukhdum Nasruddin, buyers from Russia.  “Our confidence on Pak-made carpet has increased and we have impressed the new and unique designs, said Ms Wang from China, adding that they are also happy and fully satisfied with the hospitality of our hosts.”

Qamar Zia said that manufacturers had focused more to ensure huge participation of local people, new investors, students and general public in order to create awareness about the working and achievements of carpet sector, besides highlighting them about the targets achieved so far.

He said that he and all other office-bearers of PCMEA made hectic efforts in last one year for making fair a success story.

All stallholders had tried to attract a number of visitors by arranging colourful and new variety of carpets.

PCMEA chairman Usman Ghani said that the carpet show 2014 has become the largest showcase of Pakistan’s carpet merchandise and services. The event was visited by a large number of buyers from across the world while around 50 national companies displayed their products in the exhibition.

Usman said that solid steps require for the development of carpet industry and the government should provide full security and safety for foreign investors in this regard. He said that Pakistan has huge potential of earning foreign exchange through export of carpet as the local companies have achieved excellence in high levels of quality and international standards.