Robert Downey Jr has a lot of fun working with his wife Susan. The Iron Man star has been named as the highest paid actor by Forbes magazine for the last two years running.

But that hasn’t stopped his other half Susan from taking control of the purse strings. ‘I have to ask the Mrs. if I spend more than like 500 bucks,’ he told British TV show Good Morning Britain. ‘She’s like, ‘I don’t want you going and making these dumb midlife crises purchases, call me.’’ The couple married in August 2005 and are currently expecting their second child together, a girl, in November. As well as being expectant parents the pair teamed up for Robert’s new film The Judge, which Susan produced. The 49-year-old found working with his spouse an enjoyable experience.

‘It’s fun, it’s fun even when she’s saying ‘Shut up I don’t want to hear your ideas any more’ or I’m saying ‘That’s not the poster we should be using or whatever’ so we’ll bicker about stuff but we tend to bicker about creative things and then our relationship is on the back burner in terms of points of contention,’ he explained. ‘Sometimes I can’t help myself or sometimes if I’ve had a tough day at the office I try to blame her a little bit she’s like ‘I’m not doing this’ or whatever.’

Robert stars alongside Billy Bob Thornton and Robert Duvall in the film. He plays defence lawyer who has to represent his father, portrayed by Duvall. Both performances have been praised, although the Avengers star admits they had one major difference in how they approached filming.