BAHAWALPUR- Amir Jamaat-e- Islami (JI) Siraj ul Haq has ruled out imposition of martial law in the country saying situation is returning to normalcy now.

“It was our mission that constitution remains restored in the country. I think there is no chance of imposition of martial law as the situation is becoming normal”, he said this while talking to media men here Saturday.

“I am still in contact with PTI and other leaders. If solution to this issue comes out through dialogue then it is the best option, he underscored.

To a question he urged that all the provinces should be given their due rights saying “We persuaded the government to allow both the processions of PTI and PAT to move from Lahore to Islamabad peacefully. We were seeing clearly that some people had made preparations for depicting some other scene if the matter had not been settled peacefully. Some people had waited that dead bodies would fall and they would stage show upon them. They would carve out niche in new set up and would become political “majawar”, he stated, “we did not support either government or those holding dharnas but we have represented masses”, he remarked.

Holding of mid-term election depends on the attitude of government, he said adding if government does not mend its attitude then the other parties can also go for this demand. Government should improve its attitude and fine tune its performance as it is only way to betterment, he stressed.

He announced that movement of Pakistan like drive will be launched afresh on November 21 under the shadow of Minar-e- Pakistan in Lahore. He saild that Pakistan is like a mosque and time is not far off that mosques will be crowded  rather than clubs in the country.

He said he agrees with Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif’s proposal to make Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) an ideal province however for this the federal government should release billion of rupees in finds payable to KPK.

Earlier addressing donors conference at Royal City he said “we will awaken the people and tell them that there should be only one slogan for the prosperity of the country that “ go status quo go”.

He underlined that those fighting with each other are lovers and beloved of the same class culture.

Corruption of one and a half billion rupees is committed in Pakistan every year, he held. About 200 billion dollars of the ruling clans are stashed in off shore accounts, he added.

Those families are occupying the country which betrayed their nation and sided with the British. Unfortunately, offspring of these families are seen seated in all the institutions of the country.He reiterated that if Pakistan becomes Islamic state then doors of blessing will open to us, Pakistan will have matchless prosperity and development in the world, education will be available to all under a uniform system and children of president and haves not will study in one school.