KARACHI - MQM chief Altaf Hussain once again advocated for new administrative units in Pakistan as a need of the hour, saying their importance could not be denied.

According to press statement on the party’s website, Altaf was addressing a seminar organised by the Defence-Clifton Residence Committee on "The Need of New Administrative Units" and reiterated his demand of creating new administrative units in the country.

He insisted that the issue should not be scrutinised or viewed with prejudice, but rather discussed with an effort to assess the ground realities of present times. He said it was unfortunate that the issue was being deliberately avoided and being viewed with abhorrence.

Altaf also commended the speeches of intellectuals and journalists regarding the creation of new administrative units and acknowledged that such speeches were significant and should be preserved in booklets to be distributed among the youth to create awareness.

Speaking on the occasion, MQM Coordination Committee member Dr Farooq Sattar said that country’s political, economical and administrative issues could only be resolved by creation of new administrative units. He said that the MQM demanded new provinces from Sindh to Fata not merely in Sindh.  He said that people who did not conduct census and did not organise local bodies’ elections, had no right to oppose the proposal of creation of new administrative units. He said that the MQM chief’s vision of equal distribution of the authorities among the stake holders. He also greeted all the participants and congratulated the members of DCRC.

He asked the opponents to tell, why they did not raise their voice against quota system and why they did not distribute things equally. He said that they should talk about to remove quota system despite of trying to create dichotomy between urban and rural population of the province.

 Senior journalist Mehmood Sham said that the issue of creation of new provinces deliberately made controversial instead of thinking or discussing about it. He said, “If you want to deliver to the people, you need to maintain good administration as India also creates various provinces without disturbing its culture, language, tradition and literature.

 He said, “When we talk about new administrative units, we have to commit to protect Urdu as our national language and other regional languages as well. He said that everyone tried to concentrate the power in the name of strong Centre then strong province to weaken the province and district respectively.

Prominent Journalist Agha Masood said the MQM chief whenever talked about creation of new provinces meant to create them all the country. He said that who fulfilled the need of the increasing population.

Senior columnist Khalil Ahmed Ninital Wala said that he was wonder to know about the economical situation of neighbouring India and after thorough research found that Indian first Prime Minister Jawaher Lal Nehru eliminated feudal system from the entire country. He said that until the feudal system prevailed in Pakistan, it was unfortunate to say that the country could not get on its track to prosperity and development.

MQM Parliamentary leader in Sindh Assembly Syed Sardar Ahmed said that today’s topic was the administrative units but administratively only not politically. He said that new provinces should be created all over the country not any specific place under the constitution to maintain the governance.

Prominent columnist Muqtada Mansoor said that the topic was too crucial but the need of the time. He said that it was necessary to introduce three-tier system for good governance because without transforming the authority to the lower level and making people in power to resolve their issues themselves, the country could not be prospered and developed.