KARACHI - ABDULLAH ZAFAR  - Opposition Leader in the National Assembly, Khursheed Shah on Friday apologised to all those who got hurt over his statement calling mohajir as an abusive word.

Talking to media in Karachi, the PPP leader said that he had no intention to call mohajir as abusive word instead his words were misunderstood. “I could never call mohajir as an abusive word as our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was also a mohajir as he had migrated from Mecca to Medina,” he said.

Shah said his statement was misunderstood as he was of the view that the people who migrated from India were now part of Sindh and it is not good to treat them as migrants.

Earlier, talking to media, Khursheed Shah said that word mohajir is an abusive word and it should not be used for the people who had migrated from India and living for years in Sindh.

“Mohajir is a person who lives in camps. We want to live together and do not want anyone to return to India,” he said adding, “Our rally was not against anyone instead it was being held to pay tribute to the sacrifices of Karsaz blast martyrs.”

Responding to a query over security of Bilawal, he said that life and death was in the hand of Allah- who would safeguard the PPP leadership.