Toba Tek Singh

A nurse was allegedly murdered by the watchman of a private hospital after she foiled his attempt to rape her here the other night.

As per details, nurse Sumera was asleep in her room at a private hospital situated at Adda Tin Pullian in the night. Meanwhile, watchman Boota Masih forcibly entered her room and attempted to rape her. She, however, put up stiff resistance at which he shot at and critically injured her. However, she breathed her last due to excessive bleeding as there was no one to shift her hospital.

The hospital staff came to know about her murder when they reached hospital Friday morning. The police have registered a case and started raids to arrest the accused.

Meanwhile, the Rajana Police arrested a youth for killing his mother in Chak 187/GB. The police said that accused Faisal quarrelled with his mother Fatima over monetary issue. At which he shot her dead on the spot.