People do not need a new Pakistan all they need is Quaid’s Pakistan where democracy and constitutional rule acted as a catalyst for revolutionary change. The 18th, 19th, and 20th amendments have been adopted through consensus amongst all political parties, aimed at removing the distortions in the constitution and ensuring provincial autonomy, besides resolving other contentious issues. The adoption of the 7th NFC Award, again through consensus and the spirit of accommodation, shown by political parties also represent a monumental change in the distribution of resources from the divisible pool. For the first time, in the face of the threat posed to democracy by Imran and Qadri, all the political parties, parliament, civil society, lawyers, media houses and judiciary are standing united to defend the constitution. Even the army has expressed unqualified support for democracy and the constitution. That is the biggest ever change in the political culture of this country, a development which augurs well for the future of democracy and constitutional rule as prescribed and envisioned by the founding father. In the end we must consider the growing demand across the country for reforms in the system of governance and the way we elect our representatives.


Lahore, September 23.