Indian PM Narendra Modi’s attempts to isolate Pakistan continue in earnest, even at a summit where Pakistan has no real business being the subject of discussion. What was supposed to be a conference for the five emerging nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) was used a launchpad for more anti-Pakistan rhetoric in India’s latest attempts to win others over in taking a stance against Pakistan. Terming this country the “mothership of terrorism”, Modi seems irrationally obsessed.

On the surface it seems like Modi wants war. However, India’s greatest ally, Russia, is completely invested in the Syria fight, and will not look to support India. The Putin government knows that India is a strategic partner, but is by no means Russia’s only one - as the recent improvement of military ties with Islamabad show. Russia is playing the same game India is, where the Modi government is cozying up to the US, not caring about the impact on existing alliances, Russia is taking it on a case by case basis too. There is a reason President Putin neglected to even mention terrorism in his speech to the summit. 

The other reason for such bravado is to put international pressure on Pakistan so as to wrest Kashmir from it. This is impossible for now. China as always, firmly stands in Pakistan’s corner, and this was all the clearer at the summit. President Xi talked about looking for “political solutions” to issues in “regional hotspots” (Kashmir). The final statement that came out of the summit was also very telling; there was no mention of the Uri attack (even though reportedly, Modi wanted it included) and the lack of focus on any specific form of terrorism all but ensured that the Modi narrative was inconsequential.

The BRICS conference was not the right place to make the statements. These are countries more interested in economic progress than trapping themselves in international conflicts- a lesson Russia is still learning in Syria. India made itself look small by brining up Pakistan in its speeches, while Russia and China already have strong ties here.

Additionally the problem of global terrorist is most problematic currently in the Middle East, and this has little to do with Pakistan and its terrorism issues. Even the Afghan Taliban has been moved down the list of non-state actors to counter in the global perspective with the rise of groups such as ISIS.

Pakistani state has done more than most in its recent fight against militants on home soil. India is no more than the boy who cried wolf, and its government should be concerned, because if these accusations continue to be thrown about carelessly. While the US and other western states cannot see PM Modi for what he is, an extremist warmonger, there is some hope that the BRICS have a better grasp of the ground realities.