Our bureaucracy and technocracy is infamous for its dreadful dilatory tactics, administrative inertia, obfuscation, and procrastination, coupled with various forms of bureaucratic and technocratic harassment. 

It is evident that our retired and rehired lot, which has inbuilt penchant for dilatory or diluting tactics or a combination of both, is ineffective and passive in the framing of the desired rules and regulations such as Employees Service Rules, and despicably dormant in the implementation of the already approved Employees Medical Rules, among others. They take delight in diversionary tactics, perpetrating injustice and doing wrong with the employees around. This inhuman and anti-employees attitude of the retired and rehired in a few federal and provincial, not many, organisations have created ill will and unrest. 

Although they all know that dilatory tactics violate the constitution's provisions regarding effective service delivery and good governance but even then they adopt this horrendous policy of discrimination and dilatory tactics either to settle the score, bully the officers and staff, or maintain their supremacy. 

Is there anyone in this country at the highest destination to remind and sensitise our people in power and authority, in particular - duffers, duds, and dunce headed placed in the prime administrative position with this noble verse from the glorious Quran (22: 19) which reads as, “Thus they will you the lie regarding what ye say, then ye can neither avert (the doom) nor obtain help. And whoso among you doeth wrong, We shall make him taste great torment.” 

Hashim Abro  

Islamabad, October 14, 2016