The Kashmir situation and the Uri attack have unnerved the Modi government which may take an unexpected decision in panic in its efforts to calm people and stabilise its position. The war threat may be considered seriously to prepare for any eventuality. Boasting by some politicians and intellectuals may lead the nation to complacency which should be avoided. Some influential personalities talk lightly of nuclear war which is highly undesirable. Both people from Pakistan and India should be made aware of horrors of nuclear war to prevent it. I was shocked to hear Dr Babar Awan on TV One that we have the best missile system in the world while the Indian missile system is plagued with problems and our nuclear weapons are better than India. I am sure the good doctor must be aware of successful Indian missions to the Moon and Mars and launching of several satellites in precise orbits. He must also be aware of disaster even if the Indian nuclear weapon yield is equal to the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 


Rawalpindi, September 24.