Schools are unaware of the physical effort that they make the students go through. Today, students in their pre-teens are made to carry so much stuff in their schoolbags; a practice that has dire consequences. Carrying such a heavy schoolbag weakens the students, both physically and mentally. 

Recently, as I was passing by the main road near Bolan School in Turbat, I saw a young boy not more than 10 years old struggling with this very problem. He was carrying a schoolbag filled with books, notebooks, sports equipment, and other miscellaneous supplies. He was physically unable to carry the bag, which must have weighed at least 8 kilograms. These children are the future of our nation but we ignore their concerns. 

It is a humble request to the school administrations, teachers, and parents, to take of these children and do not make them go through such unbearable physical effort. We should ensure that the future of this country remains physically and mentally healthy. 

Munaj Gul Muhammad Turbat, Kech 

October 14, 2016