We seventeen individuals are working in Lahore Development Authority’s different departments on contract basis for the last six years. 

In the year 2011, we submitted a number of applications to the management for regularisation of our service but due to some internal differences between senior officers groups our request fell on deaf ears. Whereas on the other hand, some thirteen blue eyed contract workers of the management were regularised including a deputy director admin and three assistant directors were also regularised, all of whom were appointed far later than us. 

On March 31, 2016, the same group of officers showed us the door and deprived us of our jobs. These officers include Ahad Khan Cheema (Dy Director Admin), Rana Shahzad (PS to DG), Akbar Nakai (secretary) and Ali saeed Asghar (Dy Director Admin) etc. 

All of us are menial workers and hardly supporting our families. Several applications have been tendered with the DG LDA and deputy director admin for the restoration of our services but to no avail. We also approached a number of political figures but they were least bothered to solve our problem. 

We are in dire need of your support through your newspaper. We have no source to fight for our rights and we pin a great hope that you would highlight our miseries and problems, enabling us to get our jobs back. 

We and our families would always remain indebted to you for this act of humanity. 


Lahore, October 16.