DERA GHAZI KHAN-The Local Government and Community Development (LG&CD) Dera Ghazi Khan, in an inquiry report, has found a Border Military Police (BMP) official guilty of power abuse and corruption.

Its inquiry officer has recommended major penalty of relegation to lower post and cut in his salary under PEEDA Act-2006. LG&CD Director Azher Hussain held inquiry against Waqar Aziz Qaisrani, Risaldar of Border Military Police (BMP), and recommended the penalty.

According to the inquiry report, applicant Bakhat Khosa had submitted an application to the Commissioner DG Khan on February 26, 2016 against Waqar Aziz, with allegations that the latter extended help to one Khadim Hussain escape to UAE as he was involved in a criminal case (FIR No. 6/14 Police Station BMP Lakha) and belongs to terrorist Zanglani Gang. He is also brother of Zanglani Gang head namely Ghulam Hussain Zanglani.

To leave Pakistan, Khadim Hussan changed his name as Ahmed Khan and his form of CNIC was attested by Waqar Aziz.

In addition, Waqar Aziz also leased out the shops of BMP Saray, without any lawful authority. Another official of BMP namely Mr. Hashim Khan Jamadar/Secretary BMP Thrift Society, a society for allotment of shops of BMP Saray, submitted his written report in the inquiry that the allotment orders of Risaldar were illegally issued.

In the inquiry, the officer reported, "it is admitted that there is no post of chairman in the memorandum of Thrift Society, BMP Saray DG Khan. Whereas the accused Waqar Aziz being chairman of Thrift Society issued the order of lease/allotment of shops, and the said orders are without date and diary numbers which is gross illegality on behalf of officers/officials of this office. The accused has exercised power which was not vested to him."

However, Inquiry Officer Azher Hussain has ignored the important charge in the inquiry report that Waqar Aziz has extended help in exit of Khadim Hussain to UAE. No word has been submitted against the charge by the inquiry officer.