KARACHI - Karachi police vow to take action against the grooms and their families over the incidents of aerial firing and fireworks during wedding ceremonies across the city.

This was decided in a joint during a meeting of wedding halls’ owners with the Additional IG Karachi Dr Amir Sheikh on Wednesday where both including Karachi police and halls’ owners decided a strategy about to avoid the incidents of aerial firing , fireworks and closure of the wedding hall at 12 midnight.

The wedding halls and banquet owners also agreed the Karachi police chief about the closure timings of their walls and banquets. The wedding halls owners agreed to close the halls and banquets at 12 midnight and ensured the implementation of ban imposed on the use of firecrackers and aerial firing during wedding ceremonies.

The meeting also decided to take action against the grooms and their families in violation of the rules and regulations. “The grooms and their families would be responsible over fireworks and aerial firing and strict actions against them would be taken,” the meeting decided.

In the meeting, the wedding hall owners and the police chief also discussed a traffic situation and formed separate committees about to control the traffic situation. SSP Traffic, SHO of the concerned police station and representatives of the wedding halls and banquets are the members of the committee while the meeting also decided to close the wedding hall or banquets those who do not have space for parking.