ISLAMABAD - Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has proposed an increase of Re 0.44 per unit in the price of electricity under fuel price adjustment for the month of September for ex-Wapda Discos.

According to the petition, submitted by CPPA with National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), total energy generated in September 2018 was 12,552 Gwh at a total price of Rs63.4 billion which is Rs5.57 per unit.

The NEPRA will conduct public hearing on the CPPA petition on October 24 for increase in consumer tariff for ex-Wapda Discos. The Central Power Purchasing Agency-Guarantee (CPPA-G) on behalf of the Discos claimed an additional cost of 45 paisas per unit under base tariff 2015-16. In its petition, the CPPA said it had charged consumers a reference tariff of Rs5.12 per unit in September while the actual fuel cost turned out to be Rs5.57 per unit and hence it should be allowed to recover 44 paisas per unit additional cost from consumers.

As per the data, the total energy generation from all sources in September 2018 was recorded at 12,552 Gwh, which was 11 percent lower than 14,017 Gwh of energy generated in August. The total cost of energy generated in September amounted to Rs63.4 billion. Of this, about 12,082 Gwh were sold to the Discos at Rs67.25b with a transmission loss of 3.57 percent.

The share of hydel power generation in September was 34 percent. The share of regasified liquefied natural gas (RLNG) 22.68 percent and the per unit cost was Rs 9.9327 per unit. Residual Fuel Oil (RFO)-based electricity generation was 8.1 percent in September against 11.73 percent in August. The total cost of RFO based electricity was Rs 15.5610 per unit.

The total generation from local gas based electricity was 2026.03 GWh accounting for 15.78 percent of total generation and its cost of electricity was Rs 4.8536 per unit. Coal based generation was 9.1 percent which was reduced from 9.6 percent in August and 12.63 percent in July. The total generation cost of coal electricity was Rs 6.4850 per unit.

Nuclear energy contributed about 5.43 percent electricity to the national grid at fuel cost of 97 paisas per unit.  Baggasse based electricity contributed 1 percent at cost of Rs 6.2 per unit.

The electricity imported from Iran was 0.38 percent at the price of Rs 11.57 per unit. Wind contributed 2.73 percent electricity at zero fuel cost while 0.51 percent contribution came from solar energy at no cost.