It is a common knowledge that many a political office holder and bureaucrat has more than one official vehicle, mostly big cars, SUVs and even limos under his and his family’s use. Many of them do not surrender the vehicle on relinquishing the office and some on the change of their department get the official vehicle(s) from the new department as well while retaining the vehicle(s) of the previous department or departments also. Not only that but the driver(s) for the vehicle(s) as well as their running and maintenance cost(s) are also borne by the present as well as the previous department(s) of the office bearer. 

Auctioning of 80 odd vehicles of the PM House is not enough. There are THOUSANDS more to be taken care of. A proper and strict Stock Taking of all government vehicles in Pakistan, federal as well as all provincial including all autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies should be carried out and all surplus vehicles must be auctioned, apart from taking exemplary disciplinary action against all those using unauthorized govt. vehicles be it civil or military officials. 

Hope someone is listening. 


Rawalpindi, October 5.