Islamabad -  The International Islamic University (IIU) charged a fee of around 32million rupees from the first batch of students in Civil Engineering department, but failed to get their degrees recognised from Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) in four years, informed official sources on Wednesday.

The university launched Bs Civil Engineering Program in 2014 and continued to admit students to the program every year taking the total student strength to around 200.

The university failed to get accreditation of their degrees from PEC because the program had not met the minimum requirements of the Council.

“PEC didn’t recognize the program because the university didn’t teach the students in a separate building, while the labs were also not equipped to meet the engineering standards,” said official.

Without accreditation by PEC, the degrees have no value as the students are not able to apply for a job in either government or private sector.

The first batch of 40 students graduated in June this year and despite assurances from the administration of getting their degrees recognised by PEC, failed to fulfill its promise. This has sabotaged the career of the engineering department graduates.

Each student is paying an average of Rs100000 for the civil engineering degree program, said official.

Official also added that the university increased tuition fee on a yearly basis and currently each student of the department is submitting a fee of 1, 17000 per semester.

To add to the crisis, the chairman of the department Dr. Khanzeb also tendered his resignation leaving the post vacant.

“He was facing pressure from students and administration both,” said official.


On October 8, the rector IIU Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzi also retired. The federal ministry for education did not appoint an acting rector to run the administrative affairs of the university.

On the other hand, the university’s president Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yusif Ahmed Al Draiweesh, a national of Saudia Arab, was recently given extension for the second term. He is being criticized for not being able to pull the university out of the economic crises it has been facing.

“Administration is struggling in releasing staff salaries, while the president has not brought any aid for the construction of academic blocks or building for students,” said the official.

The official said that the administration held talks with students regarding accreditation of their degrees and said that ‘their case will be forwarded to the PEC after the president’s approval’.

“The university didn’t take the issues of the students seriously in the last four years and focused instead on organizing conferences,” official said.

Talking to The Nation, the students said they had paid all dues of the university for their degree and it was the administration’s responsibility to recognize their degrees with PEC.

“Our parents didn’t pay fee for protests, but the university administration has forced us to come on roads,” said a student Ali.

Students complained that the administration is not serious in addressing their grievances and is instead telling them to protest in front of PEC.

 Their protest entered the fourth day and the vowed to continue it until their demands are met.

However, the Director Administration and Vice President (VP) IIU remained reluctant in describing the reasons for non-accreditation of students’ degrees.

“It is the university’s internal matter,” he said.

Dean Faculty of Engineering & Technology Dr. Aamir Khan said the problem will be solved soon after PEC’s upcoming visit to the university, scheduled for Monday.

He informed that the main reason behind PEC not accrediting the degrees was of the department’s building.

Spokesperson IIU said that the building is already approved and labs are also equipped, and assured that the accreditation problem will soon be solved.