LOS ANGELES-Kendall Jenner makes fake accounts to stalk her ex-boyfriends.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star - who has dated the likes of Harry Styles, ASAP Rocky and Blake Griffin - has admitted to starting new accounts on photo-sharing site Instagram so she can check what her exes are up to. Taking part in a lie detector test with Hailey Baldwin, she was asked: ''Have you ever created a fake Instagram to look at what your ex is doing?'' And Kendall - who was taking part in a special Carpool Karaoke with Hayley - knew she was in hot water, joking back, ''You know the answer to this,'' before adding: ''Yes!''

Meanwhile, Kendall previously confessed she wants to ''run away'' and get married. Speaking to her friend Jen Atkin, she said: ''I literally want to run to the city hall and get married, let's go right now. Just like, spur of the moment.''

Jen was puzzled by the brunette beauty's revelation as she doesn't have a ''type''.

She said: ''Who are you going to marry? You don't have a type at all.'' To which Kendall replied: ''I don't have a type - you cute, you cute. Like, who am I going to marry? A piece of advice that my dad always told me is that in a relationship, when you meet someone young, the hardest thing to do is change with them.''

She said recently: ''I like my private life. I think it's because I'm not like all my other sisters, who are like, 'Here's me and my boyfriend!' So it was a thing for a minute because no one ever saw me with a guy. I would always go that extra mile to be low-key with guys, sneaking around all the time. You don't want to, like, look crazy.''