ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority asked all news and current affairs channels to strictly adhere to media ethics while reporting incidents related to violence, crime, sexual abuse, terrorism, abduction and natural disaster.

 The Authority had already issued an advice on the matter last month in which news channels were asked to ensure strict compliance to the provisions of the Electronic Media (Programmes and Advertisements) Code of Conduct 2015, and to specifically follow the provisions pertaining to violence, crime, sexual abuse, rape, terrorism, abduction and natural calamity. However, PEMRA is in receipt of constant complaints from segments of the society, particularly from the parents who complaint about unnecessary sensationalism by news channels.

It is being complained that the channels go overboard while reporting crimes which is akin to glorification of crime and criminals. Therefore, all satellite TV channels are reminded to avoid unnecessary hype and sensationalism while reporting crime, violence, sexual abuse, back to back broadcast of ‘Breaking News’ on crimes, disclosure of identities of victims and criminals and avoid inclusion of such news in every bulletin, the PEMRA said.

All the licensees are asked to ensure strict compliance with PEMRA laws as well as Electronic Media Code of Conduct 2015. Failing which PEMRA shall be constrained to take legal actions against violators.