RAHIM YAR KHAN-Principal Sheikh Zayed Medical College Hospital (SZMCH) Prof Dr Muhammad Abdul Rehman has ordered withdrawal of the administrative head Department of Anaesthesia Dr Abdul Majid Khan with immediate effect.

According to the letter reference No.63948-53/ADMN/SZMC dated 15-10-2018, Dr Abdul Majid is directed to perform his duty as consultant anaesthetist in Cardiac Surgery Department. On the other hand according to sources five senior doctors has resigned from the posts of chief warden and assistant wardens of girls and boys hostels due to certain unavoidable circumstances and threatening situation prevailing in the institution. The sources informed that these resignations came mainly due to undue involvement of Young Doctors Association (YDA) in hostel matters. Senior doctors who have tendered resignation from administrative responsibilities are: Prof Dr Shazia Majid Khan, Prof Dr Abida Riaz, Prof Dr Noreen Nasim, Prof Zafar Majeed and Prof Dr Majid Ali.

Dr Shazia Majid in her resign wrote that administration has failed to support her and her staff in the face of harassment. Spokesperson for SZMCH Dr Mirza Khalid Baig said that Dr Abdul Majid of Anaesthesia Department was performing his duty as administrative head since long due to political affiliation despite having only diploma in Anaesthesia.

He always remained blue-eyed to the heads of the institution. Now a senior academician Prof Dr Saira has been appointed head of Department of Anaesthesia. The spokesperson, however, denied resignations of five hostel wardens. On the other hand, Principal Dr Abdul Rehman has called an important meeting of all security directors who performed their duty in past to tackle the rising incidents of sexual harassment in SZMCH. In his comment, Dr Abdul Majid, however, attributed the decision regarding his removal from the post to the pressure of YDA, claiming that the SZMCH principal has succumbed to the pressure of YDA doctors and reverted him from the seat of HOD.

He said that the conspiracy was hatched by principal and YDA to remove him from the seat. He claimed that he took operation theatre units from 8 to 24.