KARACHI - Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the Thar is game changer and after excavating coal they are now going to transmit first electron in the national grid from December 2018.

This he said while addressing a delegation of 215 participants of National Security & War Course-2019 of National Defence University who called on him here at the CM House on Wednesday. The programme was attended by Chief Secretary Mumtaz Ali Shah, IG Police Kaleem Imam and provincial secretaries.

“The Sindh government has invested over $1 billion dollar to develop road network, airport and other facilities in Thar, this is why Thar has become land of opportunities where investment in coal mining power generation, tourism, hotel industry, transport and in other sectors is actively attracting investors,” he said.


Speaking over drought-hit areas in the province, the chief minister said that it was rainfall that affects the livelihood of people in these areas as their crops cultivation depends on it.

On children deaths in these areas, he outlined early marriages, malnutrition and lack of awareness for it and said that weak children are born there and the ratio of pre-mature births is also high.

Untrained midwives are also to be blamed for child deaths, he said and added that however, child death ratio is not so high as propagated

Outlining the government efforts, he said that they had distributed wheat free of cost and also lunched nutrition programme and up gradation of all the tehsil and district headquarters hospitals.


Speaking on terrorism, the chief minister claimed that the province is a land of peace, tranquility and seat of learning but was proud to say that Sindh has not produced any terrorist but all the terrorists came from other areas.

“The wave of extremism also affected this land of Sufis and some facilitators of terrorist emerged here and they inflicted serious damage to the social fabric, economy, education and every sector,” he said and added a targeted operation was launched against such elements and had yielded positive results.

He admitted that street crime is a big challenge and they have launched policy to counter it squarely and it would also be eliminated.  

Shah said that after restoring law and order the dilapidated infrastructure of the city, including under passes and overhead bridges has been reconstructed. Must delayed K-IV bulk water supply and S-III projects and other water treatment projects have also been initiated. “We have also launched public transport project and KCR project would also see light of the day shortly,” he said and added the establishment of new industrial zones would create employment opportunities.


Replying to a question, the chief minister said that the water shortage has badly affected ecology of Indus delta. Our river system has not so much water that new dams be constructed.

“The solution of water shortage could be controlled through conservation, change in cropping patter – means we would have to switch over to low delta crops and canal lining,” he said and added take this year, the kharif season faced water shortage and again prediction of 40 percent shortage of water has been made for Kharif season and this kind of situation goes on year after year and once in 10 to eight years floods are received. “In this situation how new dams can be constructed,” he said and added “we do not oppose dams but our narration is very clear,” he said.

18th Amendment

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah replying to a question said that the 18th constitutional amendment has strengthened the federation. After the 18th amendment provincial governments have become administratively, financially and democratically strong.

Its fruits are being harvested by all the provincial governments. He said that Sindh has become financially a little strong with the creation of SRB which collects services on sales. Similarly, Punjab has become financially stronger.  There are some people who believe in centralisation of powers are opposing 18th amendment, he said and added in the modern democracy powers are devolved. “We would strongly oppose any attempt to roll back 18th amendment,” he would. Earlier, Chief Instructor of National Defence University (NDU) Rear Admiral Zain Zulfiquar thanked the chief minister for meeting with his delegation and presented him a memento. The chief minister also presented memento to the NDU Chief Instructor.