The matter such as Punjab government’s discontinuing pay packages/ market based salaries of the government employees serving in public sector companies and all other government organizations in the province, has been discussed at length and because of being backed by high ups, finance department Punjab, made haste while issuing circular/notification in this regard, putting certain legalities aside, giving rise to apprehensions and confusions.  

Government’s firm stance to make accountability work without any discrimination appears to run contrary to what generally is maintained, as the policy itself is discriminatory, making a specified class (public employees) deprived of basic constitutional and human rights. The policy could be applied to public employees working on deputation basis or on project posts only and not to contract employees (receiving pays that commensurate with qualification and experience) having merely lien over their substantive posts, as service rules or any other law do not restrict permanent government employees from applying against a properly advertised post in any of the government organizations, and they may appear in test/ interview and join the post, if selected, on contract basis as per terms and conditions agreed upon.  

What to be of the confirmed government employees in Punjab who, on meeting the set criteria have been selected on higher posts, and are working on contract basis in public sector organizations at fixed salaries for years, while now, not being paid as per contract (from July1) and asked to be provided pay slips of their substantive post (on which they worked earlier) so that be paid the salary of their substantive post (of lower grade), working on higher post, merely because of having lien over their substantive post, despite the fact the post they held now a days is non-pensionable being purely contractual. This makes them stressed as their juniors as well as colleagues (from private sector) working in the same government organizations are being paid much better to them and treated to be higher in rank/grade as well. Equity and rule of uniformity demand the employees to be treated equally and be not discriminated against within the same organization.  

It is incomprehensible as to why only confirmed/permanent government employees are not entitled (as per circular) to receive lump sum fixed salaries. Treating in such a way purely contravenes the Contract Policy, 2004 of Government of Punjab and even makes contracts void altogether that is clear breach of contract by the government. Double standards, by no means are fair to be applied. It is suggested to please reconsider the policy and direct the authorities concerned to treat the employees as per contracts by paying them salary of the post they held and not of the substantive post (held earlier) so that they may work satisfactorily as usual. 


Lahore, October 5.