CAIRO     -    The 17-year-old South Sudanese refugee finally managed to escape after three months as a prisoner in a Cairo apartment where she was repeatedly gang raped, only to realise that she had become pregnant by one of her attackers. She is one of a growing number of African migrant and refugee women in the Egyptian capital who report abuse, in what rights groups say has become an epidemic of sexual violence that has worsened in recent months. Reuters met five women from Sudan, South Sudan and Somalia at a community centre in Cairo, each of whom said she was a victim of violent sexual assault. The 17-year old South Sudanese woman said she was snatched by strangers in a poor neighbourhood and brought by a taxi to another area, where a man locked her up in an apartment for three months and repeatedly raped her with friends. “I tried several times to escape,” she said, adding that she finally managed to flee when her captor left a  key in the house. She asked not to be identified but agreed to be filmed provided that her face was not visible.