Babar Atta, the former Polio Adviser to the United Nations and Polio Focal Person to Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Friday resigned from position with immediate effect. 

In a series of posts shared on the social networking platform Twitter, Atta said he asked PM Imran to relieve him of his duties due to some personal reasons pertaining to his family. 

 "When I look back, I am proud to say that I made all possible efforts to create that enabling environment where polio eradication is a top priority. A 24/7 call centre will soon be inaugurated to address all concerns of people who have questions related to the vaccine," he elaborated.

Atta added that Pakistan's first 'Perception Management Initiative' will be rolled out by the end of the month, the effects of which will be a "game changer". "I am leaving at a time when the low transmission season is about to commence," he remarked.

"Pakistan is in a position that will finally eradicate polio once and for all. The opportunity should be capitalised and should not be lost from here. I forever remain indebted to the love and respect all of you have offered," he further noted.