LOS ANGELES    -   Bruce Oldfield has praised Kim Kardashian West for helping women to embrace their curves.

The 69-year-old designer - who has designed clothing for stars including Rosamund Pike, Jerry Hall and the late Princess Diana - says women are more accepting of their curves since Kim, 38, stepped into the spotlight.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: ‘’Women now no longer just want to look thin. Since Kim Kardashian -- a Vogue cover girl, no less -- the goalposts for what a woman wants her figure to be have changed. They want curves. In the old days, you’d cover up a big bum. Now, young It girls and influencers display theirs with pride in figure-hugging clothes. It’s great that we’re moving away from one prescribed body shape; it’s more democratic and realistic.’’

Bruce also praised his late friend, Princess Diana, for her resilience.

He said: ‘’I’ve dressed women young and old, from Charlotte Rampling to the Princess of Wales, Faye Dunaway to Queen Rania of Jordan.

‘’My clients trust my instinct and honesty. I’m a sounding board -- the good friend a woman can tell everything.