ISLAMABAD    -  Despite all the hard work done by the local residents of Islamabad to keep Kachnar Park clean and green, the CDA is not at all keen to carry or even bear with the environmental campaign.

Friends of Kachnar Park (FKP) is a group of local residents working for the development and cleanliness of the park for the past two years. It all began with a foreign lady who used to come along with a plastic bag to collect all rubbish while she jogged/walked through the park.

The action was followed by Mr. Farooq Akber, a resident of I-8 Islamabad. Now, according to one of the pioneers of the group, Mr. Akber, the group has a hundred members in it. He said, “We have planted 500 fruit trees, and placed numerous dust bins, benches and 2 canopies.”

Mr. Akber told The Nation that they had recently planted a motor tank to supply water to park. “Rs8 lakh were collected for canopies to give shelter to the visitors and we, as members of the group, generated the specific amount of money,” he said.  While talking to The Nation, he revealed his concerns regarding the unfair behaviour of the Capital Development Authority. He said, “I have talked to a number of government officials, no one is ready to cooperate with us. I have requested them to give us funds so that we could further develop the park, but unfortunately, no one has ever responded.” 

Mr. Akber was also uncertain about the security guards employed in the park. He said that the CDA has told him about 30 members who are posted as security guards, gardeners and cleaners of the park. 

However, he has never seen them in such numbers but has interacted with a few (3-4) who were worried-sick owing to their pending salaries.   “The CDA officials were requested a number of times for small developments like water-filtration plant and boundary walls for the 2.5-kilometer-long park. But they have showed total ignorance.  They say they have employed cleaners and gardeners and security guards but I have seen none.” Mr. Akber said. He stressed about the police officials coming to the park and disturbing visitors as he told, “Policemen came and instead of doing their work, they disturb the visitors like ladies asking for their marriage certificates.”

Mr. said was down-hearted by the response of the CDA in making Kachnar Park clean and adding beautification to it.