KARACHI      -   Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh Syed Kaleem Imam has shown his resentment over the police officers on Thursday.

According to the inside story of the meeting of higher police officials, IGP Sindh said some of the higher police officials are working in collaboration with the outlaws and running their businesses, after their appointment.

IGP Sindh Kaleem said some of the higher rank officials are also involved in embezzlement of the departmental funds. He said some of the police officials are not ready to render their duties properly despite of directions given to them.

The Sindh’s top cop said first time, an action has been taken against one Additional Inspector General (AIG) and five Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs).

Commenting on the law and order of the province, Syed Kaleem Imam said no terror incident has been reported in the province, in the near past and added that such incidents have been controlled.

Last week, in an intelligence report, it was revealed that, as many as 69 big factories producing ‘Gutka’ (a kind of tobacco) are working in Karachi, under patronage of some of the police officers.

As per the report, the factories are situated in all six districts of Karachi. A large number of the factories were reported to be situated in the metropolis’s west district, where 32 factories are producing ‘Gutka’. 10 in the central district, 9 in Malir, four in district south and seven each are present in district Korangi and East.

The report had also highlighted the names of the persons, who are operating the ‘Gutka’ factories and exactly where they are situated and jurisdictions of the concerned police station.