It seems that tensions between Pakistan and India may keep on escalating until the Kashmir issue is resolved. The dispute has now come under international light and is being discussed  struggling to resolve the problem and reduce tensions between Pakistan and India.

Following the move by India, Prime Minister Imran Khan reached out to different world leaders, including the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to share concern over the condition in occupied Kashmir. The call between the two leaders Imran Khan and Crown Prince, the second one in less than a month, comes as Prime Minister Khan saib continues to raise the issue of occupied Kashmir at different platforms. India on August 5 unilaterally decided to revoke Article 370 of its constitution which granted special autonomy to occupied Kashmir.

Earlier, a brief Saudi statement on the Kashmir events said the kingdom” is following up on the current situation” and called for a peaceful settlement in line with international resolutions. The struggling from world community is continue to resolve the problem. It is hoped that New Delhi will listen to the voice of reason once the international community realises that peace and an improved relationship between Pakistan and India is in the best interest of all those with stakes in the sub-continent.