Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator SirajulHaq has said the PTI’s claims to bring change in the country have badly exposed as the ruling party seems clueless to fix the political crisis and bad economy even after 14 months of government.

Talking to journalists after addressing party workers at Nankana Sahib on Friday, he said the claimers of change were basically proved themselves as the agent of the status quo. Entire cabinet of the PTI government were comprised of those who served under Parvez Musharraf dictatorship, he added.

The JI chief said the people were deceived in the name of change and those who were behind the so-called change were also feeling regret over their ‘choice.’

The people had turned critical to the institution which otherwise enjoyed great respect in the past, he said. Sirajadded the people were asking whose choice this government was and why they and country were deceived. He said the country seemed running without any government.

Millions of people were worried about their future due to worst financial circumstances, unemployment and inflation touched new peaks and there seemed no sign of improvement, he said. A minister meanwhile told the people ‘good news’ that the government was closing down 400 departments, he added.

He suggested government to start ruthless across the board accountability process and announce abolishing the interest based economy to put the country on track.

Talking about Kashmir, he said the region was a jugular vein of Pakistan which demands fully focus of the government due to crisis emerged after

Indian decision of August 5. But, he regretted, the government was trying to divert the attention of people towards non-issues.