Saindak is the town of District Chagi Balochistan which is largest deposits of gold and copper. But unfortunately, the employees of this project are in miserable conditions because they work day and night but still can not get their basic rights which are essential for an employee. Actually the federal government leased out the project to a Chinese company for a five year period. The federal government gets a 50 per cent in profit of the Saindak project while the rest goes to the Chinese company.

Of its 50pc share, the federal government keeps 20pc profit and passes on 30pc earnings to the provincial government. In addition, Balochistan receives a 5pc royalty over the Saindak copper-cum-gold project. It is really injustice with the public of Balochistan. Balochistan is getting less project which cannot be received to people of Balochistan. Even though there are three villages of Saindak town that have not gotten a good road. Then absolutely this project is not for the people its town rather that is for Chinese company and others provinces of Pakistan. At last, it is my humble request to the government of Pakistan to provide basic facilities to its employees as well as the citizens of Saindak because that is their right.