Okara   -   A Faculty Orientation Seminar entitled “uplifting the quality of higher education through innovative strategies’ was organised at the University of Okara on Thursday.

The event was convened by the Dr Marya Liaqat, Assistant Professor Physics at the UO. Dr Iftikhar discussed all the major problems and bottlenecks that are hampering the improvisation of the higher education system in Pakistan.

He encouraged the faculty to resort to the innovative teaching methodologies and inculcate the habit of book reading and experimental learning in their students. “To uplift the quality of life in a society, the quality of all spheres must be improved which is not possible without uplifting the quality of higher education”, told Dr. Iftikhar In his concluding remarks, Dr. Zakria thanked the honorable guests and urged his faculty to create innovation and creativity in their teacher so that the Pakistani graduates could compete with the challenges of the modern world. He further said, “A university teacher should adopt the habit of regular reading about new research and he should motivate his students to read more books and consult research journals in order to stay at par with the ever-increasing quantum of knowledge”. At the end of the seminar, shields and certificates were distributed among the guests at the members of the organizing committee.

Lngarkhana opens

The humanity servers earn this world alongwith hereafter, said Deputy Commissioner Maryam Khan while inaugurating Langarkhana at the Shelter Home near old Kutchery thismorning.

She said, the Shelter Home and Langarkhan would world as remedy to the grief and pains of the people. She said, the people extended hand in solving the difficulties and troubles of people rounded up by economic deprivation were obtaining prays of people . these Humanity Servers had been setting traditions to follow for others. She said this goodwill work had been established to cooperate with people. The Assistant Commissioner Umar Maqbool, Chaudhry Tariq Irshad district president PTI, Chaudhry Saleem Sadiq PTI provincial ticketholder, Mian Abdur Rashid Booti, Rai Hammad Aslam Kharal and others were present. The DC distributed Langar among people present and the occasion.

Opp flays govt

The country’s economy had entered the Red Zone of all round decline. The joblessness had bruised the aspirations of the masses. It was conveyed by Flt.Lt. (R) Chaudhry Arshad Iqbal a PML-N leader, founder and former president of Okara Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI) while talking to the newsmen here. He said, had Mian Nawaz Sharif been ruling the country now, the circumstances must have been quite contrary. The country and the nation would have been basking in the consequences of prosperity and progress. He said, to run govt was an uphill task. It needed sane thinking, consideration and passion. 

The nations taking U-Turns could not step ahead in the world. He said, Mian Nawaz Sharif had drawn the nation out of problems and difficulties and set it on the passage of progress. But Imran Khan had raised obstructions and against pushed the country in the chasm of trouble. The faulty policies of the present govt had brought the country at the brink of economic destruction. He said the PML-N govt had initiated recordable progressive projects in the country but the new govt brought a brake to the rising development. He said, Mian Nawaz Sharif was being targeted of political vengeance all knew who was behind the scene. Thus country was being put to irrevocable losses. The sacredness of vote was being violated. This forced govt would not run longer. The PML-N would return and Mian Nawaz Sharif would rule the country again as the Prime Minister.