Peshawar-Recent troublesome incidents and Taliban pamphlets in Lower Dir and recovery of IEDs in Upper Dir districts have concerned the residents.

A resident of Timergara, the headquarters of Lower Dir, told this correspondent that recent attacks on a cellular phone company’s tower in Maidan area and recovery of IEDs in Lower Dir and Upper Dir have concerned the locals.

A week ago, pamphlets bearing the title of ‘Tehreek-e-Taliban, Dir Payeen’ were circulated in Lower Dir district. The pamphlets mentioned commander Hafizullah, alias Kochwan, as the head of TTP, Lower Dir chapter, and asked the people not to cooperate with the government authorities and security personnel. The pamphlets also warned people not to tear them off and let them posted on public places for people to read.

Also, the security personnel recovered improvised explosive devices in Upper Dir district two days ago.

Talking to The Nation, Lower Dir District Police Officer Abdul Rasheed said that Taliban pamphlets and other law and order events were under investigation.

“CTD is investigating the matter but saying something before the completion of investigation would be premature,” he added.

Also, the official said that Lower Dir district borders Afghanistan, the country where various groups of militants are based. “However, situation is quite normal in Lower Dir. Fencing of Afghan border is also underway here,” he added.

It may be mentioned here that the Afghan government has been opposing the fencing of the Afghan border since a long time as they cite the Durand Line Agreement signed between Pakistan and Afghanistan in 1893.