Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has strongly condemned the attempt of the opposition for making national institutions controversial for their narrow political interests. No one can be allowed to disgrace our institutions as they are our pride. He said that strong institutions guarantee stable democracy. He said that the opposition is trying to cut down the tree which is providing shadow to them. Institutions are the pride and identity of the nation and their enemies are the enemies of the nation. He said that those who are making hue and cry will remain do so and government will continue to work for the progress and prosperity of the people. The Chief Minister said that the flop show of Gujranwala is a lesson for the opposition as the people have totally rejected their call. He further maintained that people have given their decision against the politics of anarchy as the opposition parties have completely forgotten the national interest and hatched the conspiracy against the institution in their speeches. Opposition leaders should regain their senses as the opposition has tarnished its own image by engaging itself in the politics of chaos and anarchy. The opposition should repent from their negative politics. Rejected elements once again got rejection from the people in their first public gathering, he concluded.

CM Buzdar issues orders to resolve issues of Baloch Students studying in Punjab

Due to the personal interest of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, the problem of Baluchistan students studying in various universities of Punjab regarding expenditures has been resolved. The Chief Minister directed Add. Chief Secretary Higher Education to resolve the issues of Baluchistan student at the earliest. On the instructions of Punjab Chief Minister Add. Chief Secretary contacted the Baluchistan government on which the Baluchistan government has approved to allocate Rs. 2 crore for Baloch students studying in Punjab. These funds will be spent on the educational expenses of Baloch students in the new academic year. While, the Punjab government will pay the expenses of 142 Baloch students studying at Bahauddin Zakaria University Multan till 2023. He further maintained that Baluch students studying in Punjab are very close to his heart. He said that government has resolved the problem of Baloch students on priority basis before and will do so in future as well. Punjab as an elder brother is always available for Baloch students

CM Buzdar seeks report over Hafeez center's fire incident 

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has sought a report from the administration about the fire eruption in Hafeez Center and directed to inquire about this incident. Soon after receiving the information about this incident, the CM directed all the concerned authorities of administration and Rescue 1122 to use all available resources for extinguishing fire. He directed to rescue those who were stuck on the roof immediately. On the directions of the Chief Minister, administrative officers and officials of Rescue 1122 reached on the spot and supervised the rescue operation and safely evacuated the people from the roof. Usman Buzdar was remain in constant liaison with Commissioner Lahore Division and officials of Rescue 1122 and personally monitored the rescue operation. On the instructions of the CM, Dr Yasmeen Rashid and Mian Khalid Mahmood reached on the spot and supervise the relief activities. Usman Buzdar directed to further accelerate the rescue operation and said that relief operation should be conducted whole heartedly to prevent further spread of fire. All necessary resources should be utilized in this regard, he added. Usman Buzdar said that the cause of the fire eruption in Hafeez Center will be determined and surfaced.  The CM said that he is aggrieved over the loss of traders and instructions have been issued to make estimate about the loss. We will review the losses of the traders and take steps to compensate them.

CM Buzdar expresses grief over Bus accident on Gilgit-Skardu road

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has expressed deep sense of sorrow and grief over the loss of precious human lives in a bus accident on Gilgit Skardu Road due to land sliding. Usman Buzdar extended heart sympathies and condolence with the bereaved family members of the deceased and said Punjab government equally share their grief and stand beside them in their time of trail.