According to my palmistry and numerology based analysis/prediction regarding upcoming US Presidential Election 2020: 

I am very much confident to say after considering numbers and hand prints based data of both the presidential nominees of respective parties in light of acquired knowledge of palmistry and numerology, which is universally considered as the ancient arts that Mr. Joe Biden will be the next US President. This finding is not on the basis of personal liking or disliking but is truly based on the hands and numbers based analysis. I do not involve my personal feelings or wishes, when analysis is done. I do take care of “trust” and “merit” in my analysis.

A detailed note is as under:

1. Mr. Joe Biden is the nominee from “Democrats” side for US Presidential Election 2020. The word “Democrats” has sum value 8. The eight would be favourable to him as the year 2020 has total value 4, and 8 will double the favour in elections to be held in November 2020.

Mr. Donald Trump is “Republicans” nominee. The sum of word “Republicans” is 3. Mr.

Donald Trump will not have favours of # 3 as this number does not match with # 4.

2. Mr. Joe Biden’s name has been considered for the purpose of my analysis as “Joe.” The name sum is 3. This number 3 will bring much support of female voters for him and also will cause a lead over 9% on Mr. Donald Trump’s overall votes. He will have around 292 electoral votes.

Mr. Donald Trump’s name has been considered as “Donald.” It has the sum “5.”  This number 5 will bring not much more support of female and male voters for him. 

3. Mr. Joe Biden was born in place named “SCRANTON.” The sum value of this place is 5. People born under this number do possess very strong demonstrative skills.

Mr. Donald Trump was born in “New York.” The sum value of “New York” is 3. Here, Mr. Donald Trump can have the lead if the result were subject to the campaign expenses only as his expenses or generosity will be higher than Mr. Joe Biden’s total campaign expenses. The presidential election is not based on the campaign expenses or generosity alone and there are other factors including names, numbers and dates crucially related to the end result.

4. Mr. Joe Biden’s birth date is 20/11/1946. The sum of this birth date is 6. The # 6 refers to strong sentiments for the loved ones. It will make him to be loved by nation and voters. 

Mr. Donald Trump has the birth date as 14/06/1946. The sum is 4. This # 4 shows much active and productive mind in commercial activities and drawback of this type of mind is seen in active global and national politics.

5. US Presidential Election 2020 is the 59th election. Its sum value is 5. The # 5 is much favourable to Mr. Joe Biden and less favourable to Mr. Donald Trump.

# 5 will be favourable to Mr. Joe Biden in his whole term but likely to face a serious health issue relating to right side of face and from hands, it is felt that he may resign before completing his term due to his party pressure. 

My advance congratulation to Mr. Joe Biden, his family, voters and lovers all around.

–Khalid Mustafa is a numerologist based in