“It is human nature that s/he becomes happy 

listening to their praise.”

–Hakeem Muhammad Saeed

Hakeem Mohammad Saeed was born on 9 January 1920, in Delhi. Saeed’s father, Abdul Majeed, had a deep interest in herbal and Islamic medicinal system. Abdul Majeed established his clinic, Hamdard Dawakhana; the larger intent behind the Dawakhana was serving humanity. To cut long story short, things for Saeed changed with the partition of the Subcontinent. In the initial days of migration, Saeed faced many difficulties.

However, determination and courage were traits of Saeed’s personality. In 1948, founded the Hamdard Dawakhan in Karachi. Saeed’s business flourished soon. Founder of Hamdard Laboratories in Pakistan, Hakeem Muhammad Saeed was a household name; elders and kids revered him alike. The most famous product of Hamdard Dawakhana is the one and the only elixir of the East, Rooh Afza. Iftar tables are considered incomplete if a jug brimming from Rooh Afza is missing. On this day, i.e., 17th October 1998, Hakeem Saeed was assassinated in Karachi.