LAHORE - Just three days before the Zimbabwe cricket team is scheduled to touch down in Islamabad for a three ODI and three T20I series, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) reiterated it has not paid any extra money to the visitors to undertake the FTP tour as was the case with them in 2015. “The PCB paid Zimbabwe, a World XI and West Indies players between 2015 and 2018. We believe that was the right move then and was done to build confidence in the visiting players, the cricket boards and to help revive cricket in Pakistan. “However, the PCB has moved on very quickly from this. It is now focusing on building, developing and strengthening trust, confidence and credibility in the eyes of the cricketing world,” PCB chief executive officer, Wasim Khan said here on Sunday. “The need to entice international players to Pakistan by offering handsome financial rewards is now firmly behind us.