New developments have been made in the world of sports as 12 members, including 9 cricket players and 3 officials, violated the protocols that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) put in place for the National T20 Cup. Threatening them with expulsion to prevent any future breaches, the PCB has made it clear that disregarding safety procedures, aimed at limiting virus transmission, is unacceptable. If players all across the world are able to adhere to the safety directives of their respective organisations, it should not be a tough ask locally as well.

Fortunately, all the 12 individuals involved in this breach have tested negative for the coronavirus. However, that does not excuse their irrational behaviour. With the second wave right around the corner, it is important for all sections of society to follow strict behavioural practices—sports players especially, considering the proximity within which they work together. This is the least they can do considering any violation on their part could result in the suspension of all activities within the industry, robbing them of their livelihood as well. Otherwise, not only is the integrity of the event, and consequently the body responsible for hosting it, is put into question but the lives of many could be subjected to unnecessary risk as well. All stakeholders need to understand that the bio-secure bubble was created for people’s protection and if its efficacy is reduced through careless actions then all initiatives are rendered useless.

In other parts of the world, coaches are given a list of precautions that must be taken if practices and events are to resume. Encouraging players to stay at home when they are sick, bringing their own equipment, enforcing transparency in reporting any symptoms, increasing minimum distance between spectators, endorsing the use of masks and reducing the team size are some of the requirements that should be followed. If everyone is able to follow such prerequisites there then it should not be a big ask in Pakistan as well.