Swabi-Federal Minister for Defence Pervez Khattak on Saturday said that thieves have ganged up against the PTI government but the people would reject their agenda as they were well aware of their corrupt practices. 

Pervez Khattak expressed these views, along with other PTI leaders, while inaugurating the extension project of Pehur High Level Canal (PHLC). The project is aimed at bringing more arid land under irrigation scheme. 

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, he said the opposition parties had sunk the country in debt and it was Prime Khan Imran Khan who vowed to bring out the country from the massive barrowing practices by focusing on economic stability. 

Pervez Khattak accused Nawaz Sharif of indulging in conspiracy against the national institutions from abroad. He said the corona epidemic had disturbed the country economically otherwise financial position would have been totally different. 

Speaking on the occasion, Asad Qaiser, Speaker National Assembly, said that holding protest was democratic right of the opposition parties but damaging the economy and people’s interests was violation of democratic principles. “The people should understand that what really the opposition parties want,” he said. 

He said the opposition parties wanted to save corrupt practices of PPP and PML-Nawaz leaders because they were facing inquiries initiated by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for indulging in corruption. 

Asad Qaiser said that opposition parties would not succeed to exploit the people sentiments because they were well aware of their corrupt practices and massive graft, pushing the country deep into the debt trap and economic disability. “The government is elected by the people and ruling party is enjoying the support of the masses,” he said