The Prime Minster has announced a housing scheme for the parliamentarians in Islamabad. According to leader of the house in Senate, at least 442 plots of 1000 sq. yards each have been earmarked for allotment to members of the parliament irrespective of their party affiliations on the express instructions of the PM. First of all, most of the old legislators who have been elected repeatedly to the parliament already have plots allotted in their names by one or the other government. They have either sold them out on lucrative prices or built grand houses on them. Besides, a large number of legislators come from the (very) affluent class and many of them already have palatial houses of their own in Islamabad. The allotment of 1000 sq. yard plots to them would, thus, be just another addition to their over-blown bags of booty. Those belonging to other provinces but not having a house of their own in the capital would not be interested in constructing residences in the capital and would probably only dispose off the plot at a premium. Thus, this allotment of costly land in the capital at throwaway government rates will probably become a source of corruption. -K. H. JATOI, Dubai, September 17.