It is safe to conclude that the recent spate of incidents of safety violation and the callous indifference of PIA management may lead to re-imposition of restrictions by international regulatory authorities on PIA. In the recent past, when a PIA management led by Ahmed Saeed as MD, made a series of non-professional appointments and blunders, the airline was censured by the European safety inspectors. The airline was going in a loss at that time but great emphasis was being put on new aircrafts, new seats, new livery, outsourcing and cutting costs on maintenance. Today the losses have skyrocketed, the schedules have been reduced, utilization at an all time low, the top management top-heavy and yet the whole thrust is...on buying new aircrafts, again. Once again, there are reports in the press about serious flaws like the reported incident involving operation of PK 300 on 1st September by a senior executive pilot who was not licensed to fly an A310. This follows the B777 near fatal accident on Madrid flight, two serious accidents involving ATRs, and a series of serious breaches of procedure involving the whole fleet. We must not forget the fact that the present MD was part of Ahmed Saeed's top management team. It was during his tenure that PIA's brand new B777s had a series of accidents including a fire in the landing gear while landing. The widespread pilferage in spare parts procurement, including purchase of sub-standard grease and adoption of poor maintenance schedules led to a ban on PIA's fleet operation into Europe. -SHAHZAD KHALIL, Sialkot, September 15.