Dr Farid Malik in his column titled 'Zia's destruction' (The Nation September 12) has gone to great lengths to prove that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's hanging was a judicial murder. I will let the facts speak for themselves; a murder was committed. The body was found. The murder weapons were found. The men wielding these murder weapons were held, their guilt proven conclusively. Their boss turned approver, proving his guilt conclusively. Pray, who was their big boss? I want Dr. Farid Malik to read what Ahmed Raza Kasuri had said in Bhutto's face in the National Assembly and then tell me whether the despotic, feudal Bhutto would have taken the insult lying down? Ahmed Raza Kasuri opening the debate on the 1973 constitution had said, "Today is a very historical moment but also a tragic moment because the House is representing only half of Pakistan and 166 members of East Pakistan are absent. When we ponder this situation, we find it is because the leader of the minority party had decided to rubbish the leader of the majority party. When in any country, the leader of the minority party decides to destroy the majority party, disruption follows and a crisis situation arises... it is this leader who had said in Lahore on February 28, 1971, "Anyone going to Dacca would have his legs broken, he who goes would go on a one way ticket". In March 1971 he had said "udher tum, idher ham" at the Patel Park in Karachi. History will catch this culprit. History will put him in the dock of public opinion and he will have to answer. He will not escape". If Zia had not manipulated the judges, they would have declared Bhutto 'not guilty' who would have lived to murder many more. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, September 14.