ISLAMABAD Pakistani-born British national Dr Peter Johnson David said that he would use his own Gateway Television channel to create religious harmony and to generate more aid for the flood victims in Pakistan. In an interview with TheNation, Dr Peter, who is living in UK for the last 35 year, is a general medical practitioner by profession. He is the Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, member of the British Medical Association Since and the owner of Whitepost Health Care Group. Besides that he is also a Labour Party member and had inserted his efforts for election of Pakistani representative in UK. He said that he has worked tirelessly to undertake the initiative that brings together people and organisations of different faiths to create harmony between the communities. I have successfully enabled the Pakistani community living in the United Kingdom to interact with the British politicians and leaders at the highest possible echelons of political and social strata, he added. To a question, he said that that he has highlighted atrocities towards minorities in China, India and across the globe in his two-hour prime time programme on Gateway TV channel. He also said that he had contributed towards protection of the rights of minorities across the globe and would remove the bad image of Pakistan through creating the inter-faith harmony. He said that he had accommodated 128 Pakistani Muslim and Christian nurses along with their families to work and live in the UK that he believes was the high biggest contribution. To another question, Dr. Peter said that the dealings with Christian community in Pakistan were not being appreciated internationally. He condemned the Gojra, Faislabad, Sialkot and Gujranwala incidents happened to the Christians community members. He said that he has provided full support to the eleven members of Gojra incident residing in exile in Thailand. He had introduced the exiled victims with a UK-based charity organisation namely Release and Bernabas Fund, he added According to him, the blasphemy law in Pakistan has been used intentionally against the innocent Christians. No case has proven as yet against any Christian. He requested the government of Pakistan to review the sort of the laws, which discriminate the fundamental human rights. He said that he would keep raising the voice against atrocities and cruelties towards Christian community in Pakistan. To another question, he said that sitting Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti is addressing the interfaith and minorities issues very rightly. He said that he would be happy to offer his own TV channel in UK to charity organisations working for the inter-faith harmony, highlighting minorities issues and the issues of flood victims in Pakistan. He disclosed that he had received an award from the then Ambassador in UK, Maliha Lodhi, for his efforts regarding inclusion of Pakistan in the Commonwealth. To another question, he said that he has been contributing in the development of minorities and churches in Pakistan since long time. He demanded of the government to ensure protection of minorities in the country. He added that it has been reported that Christian communitys flood victims were not registered for relief and rehabilitation. He said that the government needs to look into this issue so that justice can be provided to the victims, he added.