A founding member of the MQM and convener of partys all-powerful Coordination Committee, Dr. Imran Farooq, has been tragically stabbed to death in London while walking back home. This, on the day MQM leader Altaf Hussain was celebrating his 57th birthday. According to media reports received so far as I write, the assailant is anonymous. Reports say the Scotland Yard has gotten hold of the CCTV footage of crime scene but no more details are known for now. There are rumours in the media that Imran Farooq was suspended from MQM and had been non-functional these days as he took the time off. The 50 years old Farooq had claimed asylum in Britain after the 1992 Karachi Operation. He had never returned to Pakistan since then. He was accused of a number of crimes, including murder and torture at that time. The coming days will be a test for Karachi where all activities come to a standstill and the poor citizens of this unfortunate metropolis suffer long runs of bloodshed as had happened recently after the MQM parliamentarian Raza Haider was assassinated in Karachi last month. At least 80 people were killed in three violent days of that week. It will be a testing time for the MQM leadership, as well as for the government with whom they have a coalition in Sindh. The law and order in Karachi would be a problem when Imran Farooqs body is brought back to Karachi for burial. -ANUM SUBHAN, Lahore, September 17.