PUNJAB Governor Salman Taseer has reacted to the alleged plot against Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khwaja Muhammad Sharif by writing a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, informing him of the plot, and asking him to appoint a judicial commission. The plot report, by the Punjab Special Branch, has already been shared by the Punjab government with the ISI for verification, and on this basis, eight members of the underworld named as facilitators and assassins have been picked up and are being interrogated at a special CIA cell. Though none of the accused have so far confessed, it is being alleged that the highest reaches of the ruling PPP were involved, with police sources saying that even Governor Taseer himself, as well as Federal Law Minister Babar Awan, could be interrogated, if the underworld figures currently being interrogated provided the requisite evidence. The Governors breaking his silence is to be welcomed. That the letter must be considered as sent under the advice of the Punjab government is inherent in the Office of Governor, just as inherent as his appointment by the President. However, this gives the Chief Justice of Pakistan an indisputable position from which he can take charge of the investigation by appointing a judge to head the investigation. Since the alleged murder plot is supposed to involve the highest in the land, a simple judicial commission may be seen as merely providing a cover-up. This plot represents another stage of the movement for the independence of the judiciary. Judges have already faced many pressures, including dismissal from office, from the previous government, and the present, which has ignored its orders. It might prove that the Executive is willing to go to any extent to ensure the safety of a single person, but the people of Pakistan demand that there should be a suitable conclusion to the whole affair, including the punishment of all culprits, no matter where they are, or whomsoever they are.