LAHORE The PML-N may agree to support the formation of a broad-based national government for certain period for the implementation of a consensus agenda if the PPP leadership removes some 'controversial ministers who are responsible for triggering 'trust deficit among political forces, and executes the Supreme Court decisions, top PML-N sources told TheNation on Friday. Such an arrangement may be acceptable for a couple of years till the situation is conducive for fresh elections, the sources said. This is a formula to enable the present Assemblies, elected in 2008, to complete their term. The PML-N is averse to calls for military intervention, and is also alive to the situation that mid-term polls cant be held in the prevailing political scenario, when some 20 million people have been affected by the worst-ever floods in the countrys history. PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif said on Thursday that the government should be asked to reform itself, and in case it doesnt, a solution to the situation should be found in the light of the constitutional provisions. The party sources say there is no room for the formation of a government of technocrats, as being speculated or demanded by various elements, and the PML-N will not accept such a move. The sources alleged that a few ministers in the Federal Cabinet were responsible for defying the Supreme Court orders, as a result of which there was a tension-like situation in the country. And if they are removed, the situation can improve. They said the ruling party should take necessary steps to prevent important state institutions like PIA, PSO and Pakistan Steel Mills from collapsing. This, they said, would be possible if they were run by competent professionals. The PML-N was part of the coalition set up immediately after the 2008 elections. However, it parted ways when President Zardari failed to reinstate the sacked judges despite his commitment under the Bhurban Accord. Differences between the two parties have been widening since then. The party leadership thinks that in the presence of some controversial ministers, a national government cannot deliver. They said that a national government would be effective only if mutual trust and a consensus agenda came to fore.